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Urban Paws is the newest Pet Retreat in Downtown Dallas. We offer dog boarding, daycare, grooming, self service bathing, training and retail. With over 19,000 feet of oversized townhomes, indoor and outdoor parks, your pet will love being here as a second home.

Dog Boarding - Our custom built oversized townhomes are made solely for the comfort of your dogs. To make sure your dogs feel at home, we provide beds raised off the floor and windows overlooking downtown. For the families with siblings, the townhomes are spacious enough for the whole family or we can open multiple townhomes for your dogs to all hang out together. You may bring your dog's favorite toys, beds, blankets, treats and food.

Daycare - The ultimate retreat - offering over 10,000 feet of indoor and outdoor parks for many hours of fun and exercise with friends. Your dog will rotate around the indoor and outdoor parks with time allocated for naps throughout the day. At the end of each day you will be picking up your happy and tired dog.

Grooming - WELCOME Amber - Urban Paws proudly offers all the luxuries a top spa offers. The full service groom includes a massaging bath with moisturizing and organic products. Your dog will then be styled and clipped to meet your styling wish, which can range from breed standards to all the hottest new trends. We also offer self service bathing.

Training - Basic dog training enriches the bond between dogs and their owners. Urban Paws conducts training classes in the evenings and weekends.

Paws Shop - Need amazing pet products? Paws Shop has a wide variety of pet products.

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